A Non-Mormon Response to the New York Times Piece

The New York Times prominently placed an article about a Swedish member of the church who has declared that he has lost his faith after searching the Internet and discovering issues he found disturbing. The Patheos GetReligion blog provided a non-Mormon response to the article. See Skeptical about the NYT’s Mormon skeptic piece.

One thought on “A Non-Mormon Response to the New York Times Piece

  1. Thank you for posting this response. I know there are topics, historical events, etc. that need to be questioned and pursued but I find it curious that the ‘human’ factor is not addressed. There has been but one perfect being. All prophets have been and are human as are those they lead. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was not restored as a one time complete and perfect package event. This observation is not made by way of excuse but to remind of a central reality.

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