All D&C Lessons Scripture Roundtables Available

In 2013 we recorded roundtables for all the lessons of the Doctrine & Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine class. These are available here on our website and on our YouTube channel. You can see a full list of all our Scripture Roundtables as an index at this link.

Since the D&C lessons were recorded several years ago, they are located far down the list in the index, since it is in reverse chronological order. We re-recorded the first two lessons recently, which is why they are at the top of the list. You’ll need to scroll down the list to near the bottom to see the others. The D&C lessons are roundtables numbered #6-50. We’ve also created a YouTube playlist containing all of the D&C lessons:

We will continue to record new editions of the D&C and Church History lessons in our scripture roundtable discussions, incorporating new information and understanding in 2017. These will be posted alongside re-postings of the original 2013 roundtables. See more about this at this link.

13 thoughts on “All D&C Lessons Scripture Roundtables Available

  1. Very sad to hear that you won’t be continuing with the Doctrine and Covenants. I’m sure you realize the sound and quality isn’t quite as great as your most recent BM discussions. I can understand how you might believe that those made in 2013 will suffice, but, darn, I’m so sad and disappointed. You’ve been a part of my week for over three years and I totally appreciate you guys! Wish the circumstances were different . . but I totally understand that it takes time, effort, money etc.

  2. Could you upload the D&C lessons to iTunes? It’s much more productive for me to listen to them on my iPod or iPhone. I seldom have time to sit at my computer and watch them.

    Currently the podcasts go back only to July 24, 2016. Perhaps you could upload the lessons a month or so in advance. This would be extremely helpful.

    • The older roundtables are not available on iTunes because our feeds only go back for the most recent 50 podcasts. This is a limitation of the RSS feed standard. We recommend downloading the audio MP3 file from our website for any of the older roundtables you are interested in. You can do this by going to the post for that roundtable, and then clicking on “Download” link next to the podcast information. Once you have the MP3 audio files on your computer, you can add them to your local iTunes software, and from there you can sync them onto a device like an iPhone or iPod.

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