Ancient Temple Themes in the Book of Mormon

There is a FairMormon Blog discussing this topic. It begins:

Over at The Nauvoo Times, my latest post, “The Temple in the Book of Mormon,” points to several recent discoveries or scholarly developments that help us better appreciate the influence of ancient temple concepts in the Book of Mormon. One of the topics there that I enjoyed learning about most was the possible role of ancient sacred relics in Nephite religion serving a role similar to the relics of the Ark of the Covenant in the Jewish temple. Here I combine a portion of my previous post with some additional information.

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2 thoughts on “Ancient Temple Themes in the Book of Mormon

  1. I feel bad I hadn’t seen the work on the 116 pages until now. The account of finding the Jaredite interpreters really captures the imagination. I can’t wait for the book to come out.
    That said, I wonder if the lost pages are still in a box somewhere in some upstate New York attic. For that matter, Joseph Smith had translated more of the book of Abraham than had ended up in the installments of the Times and Seasons. I wonder what happened to the rest of those manuscripts.

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