Announcing the Online Edition of Royal Skousen’s Analysis of Textual Variants of the Book of Mormon

Analysis-of-Textual-Variants-in-the-Book-of-MormonThe Interpreter Foundation is very pleased to announce the publication of the online edition of Volume 4 of Royal Skousen‘s Book of Mormon Critical Text project, Analysis of Textual Variants of the Book of Mormon, or ATV. This online edition includes all six parts of this monumental volume, and we are grateful and delighted to host it on the Interpreter website. It will be freely accessible to view, search, and read in its entirety on the website.

In an introductory message about this new edition, Daniel C. Peterson, Chairman and President of The Interpreter Foundation, commends this work:

“I’ve long considered Professor Skousen’s project one of the most impressive scholarly undertakings in the history of the Restoration, and, given its subject matter alone, it’s plainly among the most significant.”

Please click here to read the full message, including more details about this new online edition, and to access the volume.

10 thoughts on “Announcing the Online Edition of Royal Skousen’s Analysis of Textual Variants of the Book of Mormon

  1. The publication of this work in any form is a significant milestone in understanding the text of the Book of Mormon. Having it so readily accessible makes it hard to comprehend how any serious student of the Book of Mormon could neglect consulting it. I continue to stand in awe of the labor and care that produced these essential volumes. Now I am grateful not only for the work itself, but the generosity that makes it so easily available. Thank you, Dr. Skousen.

  2. Speaking as someone who finds it very hard to get hold of these books as I’m based in the UK, I’m very very grateful to see this hosted online. My only ungrateful complaint is I wish I’d had access to this several years ago! But that pales against having access to them at all, so I’m really glad to see this. I add my thanks to Dr Skousen.

  3. Many, many thanks to Brother Skousen and Interpreter for offering access to this great resource. Time for a donation (although the modest amount will not be an indication of the depth of gratitude.)

  4. I have admired this man’s dedication and acheivements for many years and just last week watched him on UTUBE . I have his BoM Yale edition which is wonderful. Thank you both for this great gift

  5. Thanks Royal–this will be a great aid in checking your analyses against my previous word studies for the RCE, as well as evaluating your new data! Being able to quickly access specific items will also be a great time saver (especially since I use the RLDS versification).

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