About Andrew C. Smith

Andrew C. Smith is a doctoral student in Critical Comparative Scripture, emphasizing Islamic and Hebrew Bible studies at Claremont Graduate University. He holds an M.A. in Israeli Politics and Society from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies – Arabic from Brigham Young University. His research interests are the general Abrahamic scriptural traditions, with their attendant rituals, the intersection of religion and politics, and Mormon studies.

Hagar in LDS Scripture and Thought

Abstract: LDS discourse vis-à-vis Hagar has changed through the years since the foundation of the Church. Her story has been considered and utilized in a number of ways, the most prominent being as a defense of plural marriage. This paper traces the LDS usages of Hagar’s story as well as proposing a new allegorical interpretation of her place within the Abrahamic drama through literary connections in the Hebrew Bible combined with Restoration scripture. Continue reading