About Brian J. Baird

Brian Baird earned both his BS in psychology and his MLIS at BYU. He has spent his career as a preservation librarian and conservator at Princeton University and the University of Kansas and with companies providing library services. He has also taught preservation courses in several library schools and museum studies programs. He currently lives in Spanish Fork, Utah. Brian has been active in the Church, serving in several bishoprics and various teaching callings, and several times as Young Men’s president.

Understanding Jacob’s Teachings about Plural Marriage from a Law of Moses Context

Abstract: This paper reviews the Book of Mormon prophet Jacob’s proscription against plural marriage, arguing that the verses in Jacob 24–30 should be interpreted in a Law of Moses context regarding levirate marriage, by which a man was responsible for marrying his dead brother’s wife if that brother died before having an heir. I also review how these verses have been used in arguments for and against plural marriage, and how levirate marriage practices worked in Mosaic tradition. Continue reading