About Dominic Kent

Dominic Kent lives in the UK and has a degree in theatre studies from Manchester University. He is currently studying for an MA in Aspects and Implications of Biblical Interpretation. His areas of interest and academic study are temple theology, hermeneutics, the theatrics and performance of ritual, the early Jerusalem church, and James the brother of Jesus.

A Modern Translation of Genesis 1–11 in the Traditional Sense

Samuel L. Bray and John F. Hobbins, Genesis 1–11: A New Old Translation for Readers, Scholars, and Translators (Wilmore, KY: GlossaHouse, 2017). 326 pages, $14.99, paperback.

Abstract: Samuel L. Bray and John F. Hobbins have recently released a new translation of Genesis chapters one to eleven. The highlight of the work is their extensive notes that provide insight into not just their translation process, but on the process of Bible translation as a whole. The book offers a great deal to interest Bible readers, scholars, and translators.

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