About Elliott Jolley

Elliott Jolley was born and raised in Vernal, Utah, and served a mission in Jamaica. He met his future wife (Michelle Wold) while studying biology at Brigham Young University. After graduating from dental school at Nova Southeastern University, Elliott completed graduate dental studies in orthodontics at the University of Pennsylvania. He practices orthodontics in Utah and western Colorado. He lives in Vernal where he and his wife raise their six children.

Gazelem the Jaredite

Abstract: Alma refers to Gazelem in his instructions to his son Helaman in Alma 37:23. This article proposes and explores the concept of identifying Gazelem as a Jaredite seer. Other theories of the identity of Gazelem are addressed in this article but not explored in depth. It discusses the full context of Alma’s words, the Jaredite secret combinations and their oaths, Gazelem’s seer stone, and the Nephite interpreters. Additionally, it proposes a possible timeline that Gazelem lived among the Jaredites. It also discusses the usage of “Gazelam” as a substitute name for Joseph Smith in early editions of the Doctrine and Covenants. Continue reading