About Gordon C. Thomasson

A.B. from UCLA, majoring in Psychology with secondary emphasis on Latin America under John A. Crow and others (1961-1962, 1964-1966). Graduate work at BYU under Hugh W. Nibley and Richard L. Anderson, developing critiques of Book of Mormon apologetics (1966-1968). A.M. from UCSB in ancient, pre-literate and modern World Religions under Thomas F. O’Dea and others (1968-1973). Ph.D. from Cornell combining Anthropology-Sociology and History under William Foote Whyte and Benedict R. O’G. Anderson, studying Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Development—first of Southeast Asia and then sub-Saharan Africa (1973-1987).

He was a member of editorial boards including: Colección Educación y Sociedad, Siglo XXI (Education & Society Series, Century 21), Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas and Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería de Nicaragua; HNS (History News Service–Editorial Board member for Africa); Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, and served as the editor of Cuttington Research Journal of Cuttington University College; the Cornell-based CST Newsletter (Consortium on the Soils of the Tropics); and War, Conscription, Conscience, and Mormonism.

Beside articles in journals and chapters in books in several professional fields, he was invited and has authored articles on Mormonism and other specialized subjects in nine encyclopedias. After retiring as emeritus professor of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences at SUNY-BCC in 2009, Gordon continues his parallel career studying Mormon scriptures, doctrine, society and culture.

With Robert F. Smith he is currently developing an Ethnology of the Book of Mormon.