Below are the current members of the Board of The Interpreter Foundation. Click on them to read their bios, and see their latest papers.

Executive Board

Chairman and President

Vice President

Vice President

Vice President

Vice President

Board of Editors

Contributing Editors

Donor Relations

Jann E. Campbell


Kent Flack

Production Editor and Designers

Kelsey Fairbanks Avery
Timothy Guymon

Editorial Consultants

Merrie Kay Ames
Tyson Briggs
Starla Butler
Kasen Christensen
Ryan Daley
Jolie Griffin
Alex Hugie
Don Norton
Neal Rappleye
Jared Riddick
Collin Russell
William Schryver
Stephen Owen Smoot
Kaitlin Cooper Swift
Stephen Swift
Jennifer Tonks
Kyle Tuttle
Chandler Yamane

Media & Technology Volunteers

Sean Canny
Scott Dunaway
Richard Flygare
Brad Haymond
Steve Metcalf
Tyler R. Moulton
Tom Pittman
Russell D. Richins
S. Hales Swift
Victor Worth