BYU to Produce a New Testament Translation and Commentary

BYU has officially announced a multi-year, multi-volume project to provide a new translation and commentary for the New Testament. The intent is to use the best of modern scholarship in the translation, and provide commentary from an LDS perspective. The project has its own website with more information.

The first volume, interestingly enough on the last book in the New Testament, should be available as an ebook in the Summer of 2013.

5 thoughts on “BYU to Produce a New Testament Translation and Commentary

  1. Can it be true that LDS have finally reached a critical mass of expert scholarship and have negotiated the precarious hierarchtical waters to produce the manuscript for which many of us have longed hoped.

  2. Or should it have been left to some independent Mormon entity or individual outside Utah, as was the case with the brilliant commentary on the Book of Mormon by Brant Gardner?

    • Except he be called of God as a prophet and seer like Joseph Smith was, a single individual, no matter how intelligent, could not possibly hope to accomplish anything remotely comparable to what this group of Latter-day Saint scholars will produce.

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