Three New Books To Be Published

The Interpreter Foundation is in the final publication stages of three new books, which were announced at the FairMormon Conference on August 7-8, 2014.  The titles of the books are:

These books are now listed on Interpreter’s Books page, and there are accompanying pages for each of the books, with their table of contents.  More details and descriptions will be added to these pages as publication nears. The expected publication date of these books is October 2014.

Eborn Books Author Presentation

Jeffrey M. Bradshaw will be giving a presentation at Eborn Books this coming Friday, August 8, in Salt Lake City.  His topic is “What Did Joseph Smith Know about the LDS Temple Ordinance by 1836?”

It is increasingly apparent that Joseph Smith’s early revelations and teachings evince a detailed understanding of concepts relating to temple worship. In this presentation, I will summarize precedents for LDS temple ordinances, both in antiquity and in the revelations and teachings of Joseph Smith through 1836. I will focus on three major items: 1. the backbone of narrative and covenants that relate to the liturgy of the LDS temple endowment, as revealed in 1830-1831; 2. prominent priesthood symbols associated with temple-related concepts for which we have evidence going back as far as 1826; and 3. the full sequence of blessings associated with the oath and covenant of the priesthood, given in 1832. In discussing these matters, I will be respectful of the sacred nature of LDS temple ordinances.

Date: 8 August 2014, 7:00 PM
Place: 254 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101 (map)

FairMormon Interviews Kevin Christensen About Upcoming Interpreter Article

In a new podcast, FairMormon interviews Kevin Christensen about his upcoming article in Interpreter entitled “Eye of the Beholder, Law of the Harvest: Observations on the Inevitable Consequences of the Different Investigative Approaches of Jeremy Runells and Jeff Lindsay.” You can find it at the link below:

Offprint Series of Individual Articles Available for Ordering in Print

The Interpreter Foundation offers its journal, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, in a number of different formats. One of those formats is the offprint series. Each of the articles published in the journal is available for ordering in hard copy print individually through the services of our print-on-demand partner MagCloud.

To order an individual article in hard copy, simply click the last icon on the right-hand side of any article where it says “Order Print.” This will take you to the MagCloud website where you may proceed to order a professionally printed and bound hard copy of that individual article that will be shipped to your door. These vary in price from a few dollars to up to ten dollars, depending on the length of the article, which covers the cost of printing and shipping only, without any markup or royalty.

This offprint edition of the articles is available immediately after an article is published. Of course, each volume is also available in a professionally printed and bound paperback edition as well, and is a compilation of all articles in the volume. This becomes available for ordering a few weeks after a volume is completed, on (or AmazonSmile). The price for these also only covers cost of printing and shipping, without any markup or royalty.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our offprint series.

Volume 9 Now Available for Ordering in Paperback and E-book Formats

The Interpreter Foundation is pleased to announce that its latest volume, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, Volume 9 (2014), is now available as a professionally bound paperback for ordering. The 294 page volume can be ordered online at Amazon, or better yet, at AmazonSmile if you would like to donate a portion of your purchase to Interpreter at no additional cost to you. The volume price is $6.56 plus shipping (or free shipping with Amazon Prime membership). This price reflects the cost of printing only, with no markup or royalty. This bound volume includes all of the peer-reviewed articles that have been published in volume 9 online at

If you purchase the print edition through Amazon or AmazonSmile, you’ll also receive a free copy of the digital Kindle edition of the volume through the Kindle Matchbook service.  Those who have purchased the paperback volumes in the past can also access the Kindle edition of those same volumes for free.

If you’d like to automatically receive Interpreter volumes in the mail soon after they are completed, please consider subscribing to our annual print subscription for the annual price of $50 (covers our cost of printing and shipping only, without markup or royalty).  Annual print subscribers will have priority access to our print editions, before they are made available to the general public on Amazon and AmazonSmile.

Volume 9 is also now available in several digital e-book formats. They are available for downloading at the following links, or directly from your electronic device in its respective e-book store:

  • PDF (free) – can be read on most computers and devices, but text size cannot usually be adjusted.
  • EPUB (free) - can be read on Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including iBooks, Stanza, Aldiko, and Adobe Digital Editions.  This file must be transferred to your device.
  • MOBI (free) - can be read on Amazon Kindle devices and Kindle apps. This file must be transferred to your device.
  • Apple’s iBookstore (free) – can be read on Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Downloads automatically to your device.
  • Nook Books ($0.99*) – Barnes & Noble’s Nook Books store, can be read on Barnes & Noble Nook devices. Downloads automatically to your device.
  • Kindle Store ($0.99*) – Amazon’s Kindle store, can be read on Amazon Kindle devices and Kindle apps on tablet devices. If you purchase the paperback version from Amazon, this Kindle edition is free.  Downloads automatically to your device.
  • Google Books, Google Play (free) – Google’s e-book bookstores, can be read on a variety of devices, including Android phones and tablets. Downloads automatically to your device.

*Note, this is the minimum we are allowed to charge for these formats.

We thank all of the many people who have made Interpreter possible, and the many hours of volunteer work and generous donations which have been given.