Articles of Faith 13: Russell Stevenson FairMormon Conference Follow Up – Coming to Grips With Brigham Young and Race

This podcast continues the discussion from the paper Russell Stevenson presented at the FairMormon Conference, August 2013. Stevenson notes:

That Brigham Young struggled with and eventually succumbed to racial insensitivities is an undisputed matter of the historical record. From the perspective of not a few nineteenth-century Americans, not to mention most anyone born in the last 50 years, Brigham Young peddled in racial rhetoric and promoted policies that bode poorly not only with our sensibilities but also with the spirit of the Book of Mormon: “All are alike unto God, both black and white, bond and free,” a vision established for the Saints in 1830, not 1978.

I view the races of mankind as fundamentally equal in privilege and love before God. Embracing the gospel as I do, I cannot believe otherwise. Few things bring me as much pain as reading that a man whom I want to revere could say things so far below his calling. So how can such a man be worthy of my respect, let alone my sustaining vote?

Mormon Fair cast 264: Letters to a Young Mormon

Adam S. Miller who is a professor of philosophy at Collin College in McKinney, Texas and associated with the Maxwell Institute of the Brigham Young University is the author the book “Letters to a Young Mormon.”  In this podcast Ned Scarisbrick interviews Adam Miller about this book and the impact it has on the rising generation.

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FairMormon RiseUp Podcast

RiseUp! is a new podcast, produced by FairMormon, that is designed to provide faithful answers to difficult or critical questions that young adults may have about Mormon (LDS) teachings or culture. Aimed at the seminary student or institute age individual, RiseUp deals honestly, and with sound reason, with a wide variety of topics ranging from how to find answers to prayer and what it means to “pray about it,” also, ways to talk with parents about issues surrounding chastity and sex, as well as answering questions that might arise with multiple accounts of the First Vision of Joseph Smith, church views on Same Sex (Gender) Attraction or even mental health issues.

Each week is a different contributor and on a different topic. And each week the audience will have a chance to interact with the shows contributors right here at for each episode. Ask frank and honest questions, and get honest and faithful answers. Look to the comments section of each episode for that interaction.

The goal is not just to answer questions, but also help young adults feel confidence and courage in defending their membership and beliefs in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. RiseUp will release a new episode each Wendesday through the Mormon Fair-Cast podcast subscription in iTunes, Stitcher, and at

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Second Annual Conference of BYU New Testament Commentary Videos Now Available

Videos from the second annual conference of the BYU New Testament Commentary held on May 14, 2014, at BYU, are now available for viewing on the BYU New Testament Commentary website. They are also embedded below for your convenience. Included is Stephen Webb’s lecture on “Mormon Christianity” given on May 15, 2014. Continue reading