Interpreter Foundation accepts submissions for its publications. These submissions can include:

  • article – substantive research and new idea
  • essay – personal evaluation and interpretation of broad issues and trends; less research based
  • review – short book (or other media) review (3-4 pages)
  • review essay – review of book (or books or recent issues) with new analysis and detailed response
  • note – short item with a new research idea (3-4 pages)
  • report – like the FARMS preliminary reports
  • news – announcements, conferences, etc.

As a general guideline, submissions should be congruent with Interpreter′s mission statement to be considered. If you have a pre-submission question about whether your piece qualifies, please contact us. Interpreter′s Board reserves the right to choose which submissions are published.

For all submissions, except news, we have a submission style guidelines document to help you prepare your submission to Interpreter. Please review it to ensure that your submission is consistent with the guidelines before submission. Click on the PDF below to view or download it:

Interpreter Style Guide PDF

Please note: We request photocopies of all cited sources to be included with your submission. If we do not receive these with your submission, we will follow up with you to request them if we decide to publish it. To streamline the process, at the time of submission if you could please submit photocopies of all relevant pages, title page, and copyright page (in lieu of providing the last two items, simply note on the photocopied source the place of publication, publisher, year of publication, edition, etc.) so we will have what we need to verify quotations and to style the notes with full publication data. You may combine these photocopies into one PDF document, and attach it in one of the optional upload fields in the form below. Please see the following Supplemental Citation Guide for a reference of the information that is needed for each source:

Supplemental Citation Guide PDF

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