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The Interpreter Foundation and BYU Studies sponsored a conference, 2015 Exploring the Complexities in the English Language of the Book of Mormon, which took place on 14 March, 2015 on BYU Campus in Provo, Utah. It was filmed. Videos of each of the presentations are now available for free viewing on The Interpreter Foundation’s YouTube channel, or here on embedded below. There is also a YouTube playlist available of the conference presentations.

Daniel C. Peterson’s Welcome and Introduction

Stanford Carmack: Exploding the Myth of Unruly Book of Mormon Grammar: A Look at the Excellent Match with Early Modern English

Jan J. Martin: Charity, Priest, and Church versus Love, Elder, and Congregation: The Book of Mormon’s connection to the debate between William Tyndale and Thomas More

Nick Frederick: “Full of grace, mercy, and truth”: Exploring the Complexities of the Presence of the New Testament within the Book of Mormon

Royal Skousen: “A theory! A theory! We have already got a theory, and there cannot be any more theories!”

John W. Welch: Concluding Remarks

2 thoughts on “Conference Videos

  1. Wist and words in the same group are very interesting and many of them are found in Chaucer’s writing.
    For example: (know, or to know)
    Wote. Present. sing: wote, wotest 01′ west, wote; pl.: woten, wote or wot (witen, wete). Pret. sing. I. wiste, 2. wiste, wisted, 3. wiste; pl. wisten, wiste or wist.

    Very nice conference

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