Interpreter Volume 2 Now Available in E-Book Formats

Volume 2 of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture is now available in several digital e-book formats.  They are available for download at the links below.

* Note, this is the minimum we are allowed to charge for these formats.

One thought on “Interpreter Volume 2 Now Available in E-Book Formats

  1. Most people associate value with cost. If your product costs nothing, many will think that is what it is worth.
    You should at least recoup expenses. I have hopes that this new endeavor will match or exceed what you did with FARMS. I, and I am sure many others, would be willing to pay something to help support the work. I prefer to do this by purchasing the volumes in hard copy, but you need to charge something over printing cost so I feel I am in fact supporting the work.
    It would be easier if a subscription were available.

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