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Two new books of interest have just been published by Eisenbrauns.

1. Anne Porter and Glenn M. Schwartz, Sacred Killing: The Archaeology of Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East.  Eisenbrauns, 2012. $59.50.  ISBN: 9781575062365

This book examines the archaeology and anthropology of ancient Near Eastern sacrifice, helping us understand the nature of ancient sacrifice as reflected in the Bible.


2. William Mierse, Temples and Sanctuaries from the Early Iron Age Levant: Recovery After Collapse. Eisenbrauns, Forthcoming, October, 2012.  $59.50.  ISBN: 9781575062464

A study of the archaeological remains of temples in the Levant (Syria/Lebanon/Israel region) providing broad context to Solomon’s temple.

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About William J. Hamblin

William J. Hamblin is Professor of History at Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah, USA),
 specializing in the ancient and medieval Near East. He is the author of dozens of academic
 articles and several books, most recently, Solomon’s Temple: Myth and History, with David 
Seely (Thames and Hudson, 2007). In the fall of 2010 his first novel was published (co-
authored with Neil Newell): The Book of Malchus, (Deseret Book, 2010). A fanatical traveler and photographer, he spent 2010 teaching at the BYU Jerusalem Center, and has lived in
 Israel, England, Egypt and Italy, and traveled to dozens of other countries.

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