Recording New D&C Scripture Roundtables

We have made the decision to continue to record new editions of the Doctrine & Covenants and Church History Gospel Doctrine lessons in our scripture roundtable discussions, adding to the original roundtables that were recorded in 2013. New editions of lessons 1 and 2 were already recorded, and new lessons 6 and 7 will be posted shortly (we may go back at some point and record new roundtables of lessons 3-5). The original 2013 D&C and Church History roundtables will continue to be re-posted, with their original publication dates noted on the first line of their posts. This will add even more roundtables readily available and accessible for each Gospel Doctrine lesson, including new information and understanding in 2017, which we believe will be of benefit and useful to our subscribers and listeners.

3 thoughts on “Recording New D&C Scripture Roundtables

  1. Fantastic unfortunately at the moment the schedule is a week behind for us in non US forward Timezone such as Australia/New Zealand.
    I’m teaching Lesson 10 on Sunday, and prepring all week, but only lesson 9 of the new productions online at the moment 🙁

    — Kirk Brocas, Point Cook Ward, Wyndham, Australia.

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