Scripture Roundtable 134: New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 36, “Beloved of God, Called to Be Saints”

This is Scripture Roundtable 134 from The Interpreter Foundation, in which we discuss the New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson #36, “Beloved of God, Called to Be Saints” focusing on scriptures in Romans 2-5, 6, 8, 12-13, and 15, bringing in various insights to help us better understand the scriptures. These roundtables will generally follow the 2015 Gospel Doctrine schedule of scriptures, a few weeks ahead of time.

Panelists for this roundtable are John Gee, Martin Tanner, Cassandra Hedelius, and Craig Foster.

This roundtable is also available as an audio podcast, and will be included in the podcast feed. You can listen by pressing the play button or download the podcast below:


2 thoughts on “Scripture Roundtable 134: New Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 36, “Beloved of God, Called to Be Saints”

  1. Thank you again. Romans 6:18 particularly hit me as I read. We were servants of sin and his commandments – Christ made us servants of righteousness and his commandments – not without commandments. Thank you for stregthening that with your understanding of Greek (replacing servant with slave) for an even stronger statement about this.

  2. Thank you so very much for the time and effort you put into this series. There is nothing about me that is a natural teacher, so I approached this calling with great trepidation – until I found your roundtables. They give me confidence, knowledge, and a better understanding of these many times difficult passages. My deepest gratitude for your work.

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