Scripture Roundtable 92: Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 42, “I Will Write It in Their Hearts”

This is Scripture Roundtable 92 from The Interpreter Foundation, in which we discuss the Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson #42, “I Will Write It in Their Hearts,” focusing on scriptures in Jeremiah, bringing in various insights to help us better understand the scriptures. These roundtables will generally follow the 2014 Gospel Doctrine schedule of scriptures, a few weeks ahead of time.

Panelists for this roundtable are Shon Hopkin, Martin Tanner, and Bruce Webster.

This roundtable is also available as an audio podcast, and will be included in the podcast feed. You can listen by pressing the play button or download the podcast below:


3 thoughts on “Scripture Roundtable 92: Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Lesson 42, “I Will Write It in Their Hearts”

  1. I don’t know what I’d do without the Mormon Interpreter roundtable. My Gospel Doctrine lessons would suffer terribly and my students would really miss out. Thank you so very much for what you do.

  2. Thank you. I really enjoyed the discussion and your expertise on the historical background of this lesson. I can’t wait to share this free forum with my gospel doctrine class. I look forward to more.

  3. I appreciate both your insights and demeanor in presentation. I recently found this is not always the norm among Gospel academics. It was unsettling to discover an emphasis of academics over principles. An intolerance for plain and precious truths vs. arm of the flesh. As someone who enjoys and seeks further understanding with personal application, I was pleased to discover your discussion. Thank for your time and efforts to record and present this round table discussion. Any recommendations for additional materials to enhance my Old “Covenant” studies?

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