Temple Studies Video Discussions & Podcasts

TempleStudy.com, founded by Bryce M. Haymond, is hosting a series of fireside style video discussions on the topic of the temple. These discussions are being facilitated by the new Google+ Hangouts On Air, which allows a live panel discussion with up to ten contributors to gather virtually via webcams and broadcast their conversation online.

The text that is spring boarding the discussions is Andrew C. Skinner’s book Temple Worship: 20 Truths That Will Bless Your Life, Deseret Book, 2007. Panelists have included William J. Hamblin, Frederick M. Huchel, Gary N. Anderson, Gerald Smith, Steve Reed, Tevya Washburn, and Bryce Haymond.

Three such discussions have taken place, with more forthcoming. These are links to the past discussions:

FAIR has also decided to convert these video discussions into a FAIR podcasts. They have posted the first discussion in two parts here:

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