About Collin Charles Russell

Collin Russell is a college student from Morgan, Utah. Collin currently attends Brigham Young University, pursuing a degree in Business Management, with a minor in Latin American Studies. He has volunteered at Book of Mormon Central and has also worked under Jack Welch on chiasmus studies. Collin also served a full-time mission in Peru.

Meeting Zoram

Abstract: Zoram, the servant of Laban, is a character from the Book of Mormon who is only mentioned a few times and on whom little information is given. This article analyzes what information is given in the Book of Mormon and contextualizes its historical background, all coupled with the observations of Latter-day Saint Church leaders and scholars. Insight is provided concerning Zoram’s Hebraic descent in the tribe of Manasseh and his working duties under Laban’s command, along with how all this affected his role in assisting Lehi’s family. The meaning of his name in Hebrew and possible correlations to the meaning of his life’s events are explained. The oath between Nephi and Zoram is discussed, and the debate regarding whether Zoram was a slave or servant is addressed, to show that he was likely a free servant. Continue reading