About James Stutz

James Stutz has a BS in geology from Texas A&M University and a MS in geology from the University of Houston. He is a geologist at an oil and gas exploration and production company. He follows with interest LDS scholarship and apologetics, and is a volunteer with FairMormon. His main research interests are Book of Mormon and Biblical studies. He and his wife Megan have three small children.

Can a Man See God? 1 Timothy 6:16 in Light of Ancient and Modern Revelation

Abstract: Joseph Smith’s First Vision is a favorite target of critics of the LDS Church. Evangelical critics in particular, such as Matt Slick of the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, seek to discredit the First Vision on biblical grounds. This article explores biblical theophanies and argues that Joseph’s vision fits squarely with the experience of ancient prophets, especially those who are given the rare blessing of piercing the veil of light and glory, the Hebrew kabod, that God dwells within. Continue reading