About Jana Johnson

Jana Johnson graduated from Brigham Young University in 2013 with a BA in linguistics and minors in editing and geography. While a student at BYU, she worked as a writing tutor for humanities classes and as a research assistant for John Hilton III. Since graduating from BYU, she has been working in the tech industry and is currently working as a software QA engineer in Lehi, Utah. She continues to love language, research, and education.

The Word Baptize in the Book of Mormon

Abstract: The word baptize appears 119 times in the Book of Mormon; three speakers (Jesus Christ, Mormon, and Nephi) account for 87% of all of these usages. Each of these individuals have distinctive patterns in how they use the word baptize, indicating that each speaker has his own unique voice. When one accounts for the fact that Christ says relatively fewer words than Mormon, it is evident that per 1,000 words spoken, Jesus Christ uses the word baptize more than any other speaker in the Book of Mormon. This finding holds true for Christ’s words both in and outside of 3 Nephi. Among other patterns, we demonstrate that Jesus Christ associates his name with baptism more than any other Book of Mormon speaker and that Christ is responsible for 58% of the Book of Mormon’s invitations to be baptized. Additional patterns and their implications are discussed.
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